COVID-19 Resources

Frequently Asked Questions: Miscellaneous

Is there anything being done by the Conservation Commission and/or conservation districts to support the agricultural community and Washington’s food system during the COVID-19 crisis?

Yes, the SCC and several conservation districts are taking action to support safe food production and delivery.

For examples from conservation districts, look under the “Agricultural Services” heading in the “Examples and Templates" page.

The SCC is in close contact with our partners at the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) on these issues (check out their COVID-19 Resource Page for Agriculture and Food Businesses). The SCC and WSDA co-administer our state’s Food Policy Forum, which is exploring near-term efforts to keep the state’s food system functioning for all in light of COVID-19. The Forum also is coordinating with the Governor’s Food Security Response Team to address food supply chain issues in light of the pandemic.

In March, the SCC and WACD sent a joint message to our liaison at the Governor’s Office in support of timely waivers or clarifications to the critical workers list that would clearly permit the safe growing, processing, transport, and delivery of food.


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