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Frequently Asked Questions: Reporting/Deadlines

Are there changes to the Annual Report format and deadline this year?

Yes, for many reasons — both COVID and budget related — it makes sense to scale down the Annual Report this year. We've changed the format, deadline, and annual report product for fiscal year 2020. Please read this announcement sent to all CDs via GovDelivery in July for more details.

Are there changes to the Annual Plan of Work deadline?

The current deadline for submittal of the Annual Plan of Work is May 29, 2020. We are monitoring the situation. If you anticipate a challenge in meeting the current deadline, please let your Regional Manager know and check back to this FAQ often for updated information.

Has the State Auditor’s Office (SAO) Annual Financial Reporting deadline changed? (updated April 1)

The SAO is pursuing a possible extension to the annual financial reporting deadline (see letter issued March 26). They would also like conservation districts to be aware of how to reach them for assistance. Links and contact information are included in the letter.

The SCC remains in contact with the SAO with concerns about this upcoming deadline. The SAO is reviewing the situation and will have more information to share very soon. .


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