COVID-19 Resources

FAQs: Personnel/Teleworking

What do conservation districts need to do, if anything, in response to former President Trump's memorandum on deferral of payroll tax obligations?

The Municipal Research Service Center (MRSC) has received numerous inquiries about former President Trump’s memorandum. They published an article on September 1 breaking down the memorandum and the subsequent IRS guidance issued.

As an employer and/or worker, when am I required to wear a face mask or face covering?

Please see the Washington State COVID-19 Response Webpage for current requirements and guidelines.

If CD staff are unable to perform their job duties via telework or other allowable methods due to COVID-19, can paid leave for those staff be billed to SCC grants? Does the Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) still apply to conservation districts?

The district may choose to allow staff to utilize accrued sick or vacation leave. The FFCRA can no longer be billed to SCC grants as it became voluntary after December 31, 2020. See the MRSC FAQ on the FFCRA for more information. Other options can be found on the Employment Security Department COVID-19 resources webpage.


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