Voluntary Stewardship Program

Welcome VSP Administrators

Washington State’s Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP) provides an alternative approach for counties to address our state’s Growth Management Act requirements. The program uses a watershed-based, incentive-based process to protect critical areas, promote viable agriculture, and encourage cooperation among diverse stakeholders.

What's New?

  1. An agenda for the next Joint Technical Panel and Statewide Advisory Committee Meeting on June 9, 2022 is now available here.
  2. The VSP Watershed Monitoring Project Development Guide is now available here and on the Implementation webpage.
  3. The Commission, after consultation with the Technical Panel and Statewide Advisory Committee and comment from VSP stakeholders, has adopted a new policy advisory dealing with adaptive management in VSP. The policy advisory was a result of discussions about adaptive management as part of the first five year reporting process. The new policy advisory can be found here, and provides some insight for VSP stakeholders, and particularly county work groups and implementers, on how to address adaptive management in VSP.
  4. The recording from the April 27, 2022 Spring Monitoring Symposium is now available to view here. Presentation slides and more can be found under the Implementation tab on the VSP Implementation page.
  5. For current news, information, and webinar links, please see the May 2022 VSP Newsletter.
  6. To continue protecting the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, and the public, all VSP meetings of the Technical Panel and Statewide Advisory Committee will be conducted via online webinar and teleconference until further notice.  For information on participating in a meeting by webinar and teleconference, details can be found in the meeting agenda on the Statewide Advisory Committee webpage or on the Technical Panel webpage.
Installing post-assisted log structures to enhance fish habitat on Alpowa Creek in Asotin County.

Have questions about the Voluntary Stewardship Program?

Contact Program Manager Bill Eller, VSP State Coordinator.

Phone: 509-385-7512. Email: beller@scc.wa.gov