Conservation District Resources

Regional Managers

SCC “Regional Managers” are assigned to work with conservation districts in areas across the state.

Regional managers’ in-depth knowledge of local and state issues helps them assist conservation districts with several topics, including:

  • Conservation program planning, implementation, and monitoring
  • District operations, such as accounting/auditing procedures, elections procedures, and board member orientations.
  • Project management (annual and long-range work plans)
  • Coordination of district projects/programs with other local, state, federal, and tribal partners.
Map of WA with regional manager coverage area

Puget Sound

Jean Fike


Areas of expertise:

  • Cultural Resources Program Lead

South Central

Allisa Carlson


Areas of expertise:

  • Washington Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network Liaison


Josh Giuntoli


Areas of expertise:

  • Chehalis Basin Board – Conservation Commission Representative
  • More areas of expertise, coming soon!


Mike Baden


Areas of expertise:

  • Fire and Disaster Recovery Program Lead
  • USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service State Technical Advisory Committee, Conservation Commission representative
  • Task Orders Program Lead
  • Conservation District Contracting and Bidding, assistance specialty


Shana Joy


Areas of expertise:

  • Conservation Accountability & Performance Program (CAPP) Coordinator
  • Center for Technical Development Liaison
  • Natural Resource Investments Funding Coordinator
  • State Auditor’s Office Liaison for Conservation District Audits
  • DNR Forest Health Advisory Committee – Conservation Commission Representative
  • National Association of State Conservation Agencies Policy Committee Pacific Region Representative
  • USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Partnership Liaison
  • Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) Lead
  • Puget Sound RCPP Lead