Coordinated Resource Managment (CRM)

CRM empowers local people to resolve land use and natural resource issues using collaborative problem solving. Stakeholders form local coalitions that make natural resource decisions by consensus, often leading to effective solutions that generate strong local support.

Food Policy Forum (Forum)

The Washington State Food Policy Forum was created through a Legislative budget proviso in 2016 and charged with making meaningful recommendations for improving the food system in Washington.

Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP)

VSP uses a watershed-based, incentive-based process to protect critical areas, promote viable agriculture, and encourage cooperation among diverse stakeholders to address our state’s Growth Management Act.

Office of Farmland Preservation (OFP)

The Office of Farmland Preservation is a program within the Washington State Conservation Commission that works to address the rapid loss of working farm and forest lands in our state.

Grant Programs

Our grant programs are designed to engage people to help keep our natural resources and working lands healthy for all.

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