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FPLA serves the dual purpose of permanently protecting high-quality farmland and facilitating access to land for next-generation farmers and ranchers. FPLA complements the “Buy-Protect-Sell” category of FarmPAI, a program of the Washington State Housing Finance Commission. Conservation entities that have secured a loan through FarmPAI can apply to FPLA to fund the agricultural conservation easement (the second step in a "Buy-Protect-Sell" transaction).

FarmPAI provides conservation entities with low-interest loans for the fee-simple acquisition of at-risk farmland. FPLA grants fund the purchase of an agricultural conservation easement. The agricultural conservation easement ensures the land stays open and available for farming in perpetuity. By restricting or removing certain development rights that are incompatible with agriculture, FPLA funded agricultural conservation easements make farmland more affordable for the future farm owner.  

FPLA accepts applications on a rolling basis as long as funds are available.


The Farmland Protection and Land Access (FPLA) program was established via proviso in the Washington State 2022 Supplemental Capital Budget (SSB 5651), Section 3050. FPLA was appropriated $2 million in the 2022 Supplemental Capital Budget and $4 million in the 2023-2025 Capital Budget.

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FPLA Eligibility & How to Apply

Currently, FPLA is open and has an ongoing review of applications for conservation entities that have secured a loan through FarmPAI and who are eligible to apply for FPLA.

Make sure to download the word template to help with filling out your application.

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