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All Salmon Recovery Funding is now allocated.  

At this time, all the available Salmon Recovery Funding (SRF) has been allocated. This was funding carried over from fiscal year 2022-23. To date, 30 projects have been awarded funding. Five project proposals were not funded because they did not meet the revised program guidelines for eligible work. The application form has been disabled for now. If funds are returned later on in the fiscal year, we may re-activate the application form and review additional proposals. We will announce that opportunity when and if it happens. Review the programmatic guidelines.

New Riparian Grants  

In 2023 the WA State Legislature approved funding for SCC to run a voluntary riparian grant program for priority riparian restoration and protection. SCC is bringing together a work group and grants advisory committee to begin this work.

  • Work Group: Thank you again to everyone who has volunteered to serve on the Riparian Grants Work Group to help the SCC draft programmatic guidelines for the new Riparian Grants Program. We are moving forward with scheduling work group meetings. All meetings will be held by Zoom and participation is limited to work group members. Below is the schedule of work group meetings. Work group members will also be receiving calendar invites with the Zoom information from SCC staff shortly.  

  • New Riparian Grants Advisory Committee: We are also forming a broader advisory committee of individuals who would like to receive updates and information as the programmatic guidelines work progresses. We anticipate sending out periodic updates, drafts, and information at appropriate intervals during the timeline referenced above for the working group. If you would like to be included in this advisory group, please reach out to Alison Halpern and Shana Joy with your interest and contact information.

What is Salmon Recovery Funding and the New Riparian Grants Program?  

SCC is committed to supporting private landowners’ voluntary stewardship of natural resources. This opportunity provides funding for projects to restore and protect riparian habitat.

The Salmon Recovery Funding (SRF) Program began in 2022, funded by the Washington State Legislature. SRF encourages incentive-based projects with landowners focusing on riparian restoration. In 2023, the Legislature allocated funding to support salmon recovery through streamside riparian habitat restoration and protection. SCC is working to develop this new Riparian Grants Program.

View the Salmon Recovery Watershed Map here

New Riparian Grants

A new appropriation of funds is coming to SCC in fiscal year 2024. SCC is bringing together a work group and advisory committee to begin this work. This new funding has a couple of components to be aware of. There are two separate appropriations as follows:

Salmon Riparian Restoration Program Outreach - $3,000,000

This is operating funding. The budget proviso language states, “One-time funding is provided solely to support the outreach, identification, and implementation of salmon riparian habitat restoration projects that are appropriated through the capital budget.”

New Riparian Grant Program - $25,000,000

This is capital funding. The budget proviso language states, “the appropriation is provided solely for the Commission to run a voluntary riparian grant program for priority riparian restoration and protection.....” Read the full proviso language here.  

Next steps:

In coordination with the work group and advisory committee, SCC would like to present new draft programmatic guidelines to commissioners this winter, followed by a review and comment period, with final guidelines presented for possible adoption early in 2024.

SCC will also share updates about draft guidelines for new riparian grants with tribes, state agencies, agricultural and environmental representatives, local government, and others during the State Riparian Roundtable meetings.

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Over the past two years, Clallam Conservation District and the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe (LEKT) have teamed up to plant conifer trees along the Elwha River, each bringing different resources to the table.

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