Commission Members

Washington State Conservation Commission consists of a 10-member governing board representing Governor appointees, state agencies, and conservation districts.

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Daryl Williams

Chair, Governor Appointee

Governor Jay Inslee appointed Daryl Williams to the Commission in 2015. Commissioner Williams is a Tulalip Tribal member and works part-time for the Tulalip Tribes as an environmental consultant. Prior to that he had worked for the Tribe as an employee for about 40 years and has a B.A. in Business Administration from Columbia College of Missouri.  He is also the President of Qualco Energy, which is a partnership organization comprised of the Tulalip Tribes, Northwest Chinook Recovery, and the Werkhoven Dairy. Qualco operates a dairy digester to help improve nutrient management for the dairy and protect water quality for fish and wildlife.

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Larry Cochran

Vice chair, Eastern Washington Representative

Commissioner Larry Cochran was elected to serve on the Conservation Commission in December 2015. He is also chair of the Palouse Conservation District. He’s a third generation farmer and runs Cochran Farms in Colfax.

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Perry Beale

Department of Agriculture

Commissioner Perry Beale joined the Commission in 2014 representing the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA). Perry Beale is the Agricultural Land Use Lead and Eastern WA supervisor for the WSDA Natural Resources Assessment Section. His primary duty is coordinating crop mapping activities within the state. Perry was raised on a wheat and cattle ranch in southeastern Washington and is the Vice President of the family farm. He graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Agronomy. Perry is also a graduate of the Ag Forestry Leadership program.

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Harold Crose

Central Washington Representative

Commissioner Crose joined the SCC Board in 2017 and is also a Resource Conservationist with the Grant County Conservation District.

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Jeanette Dorner

Washington Association of Conservation Districts

Past President of the Washington Association of Conservation Districts (WACD)

Jeanette’s first experience with conservation districts was in 1996 when she was a community volunteer working with the Pierce Conservation District and her neighbors to take care of the rural creek she grew up on. In 2009 Jeanette was elected to Pierce Conservation District’s Board of Supervisors, and in 2010 she was elected by her fellow board members to be Chair. Almost 10 years later Jeanette continues to serve as Chair of Pierce Conservation District’s board and was elected to the WACD board first as Area Director for the Northwest and later as Vice President of the Association. She completed two years as Vice President before being elected WACD President. When she’s not volunteering to support conservation districts she splits her time between her work as the Executive Director of the Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group and as a mom of a son and daughter. Jeanette has degrees in Earth Science, Environmental Studies, and Restoration Ecology.

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David Giglio

Department of Ecology

Commissioner David Giglio joined the Commission in 2019 and represents the Director of the Washington State Department of Ecology, Maia Bellon. David has spent his career working natural resource issues at the Departments of Ecology, Fish & Wildlife, Natural Resources, and as a Budget Assistant to the Governor working with most natural resource agencies, including WSCC and WSDA.

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Jim Kropf

WSU Extension

Jim Kropf joined the Commission in 2010, representing Washington State University (WSU) Extension. Jim has been a faculty member of WSU Extension since 1979, serving as an Extension educator on the Spokane Indian Reservation in Stevens County, Douglas and Chelan Counties, and Pierce and King Counties. He served as the Western District Director for WSU Extension from 1999 through 2010 and currently serves as the Extension Natural Resources Program Director. His Extension work primarily has focused on the production of agronomic and horticultural crops, agricultural marketing, and water quality. A Washington native, Jim grew up in Pierce County and has a B.S. and M.S. in Agronomy from Washington State University.

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Dean Longrie, Ph.D

Western Washington Representative

Commissioner Longrie serves as the Chairman and Conservation District Western Representative on the Commission. He also serves on the Board of Supervisors at Clark Conservation District.

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Terra Rentz

Department of Natural Resources

Terra Rentz began serving as the DNR representative on the Conservation Commission in 2020. Her full biography is coming soon.

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Sarah Spaeth

Governor Appointee

Commissioner Spaeth has been involved with conservation work for over twenty years and is currently Director, Conservation and Strategic Partnerships at Jefferson Land Trust. In her 20 years with the Land Trust, she has conducted delicate and complex easement negotiations with landowner partners, has written more than $6 million worth of successful land preservation funding proposals and worked with organizations and agencies in creative conservation partnerships. She earned degrees in biology from Western Washington University and a Masters degree in coastal zone management from the University of Washington. Prior to working for Jefferson Land Trust, she worked as a consultant on marine resources issues and as a fisheries biologist in Alaska.