Community Success Stories

The Conservation Commission and conservation districts integrate  science, technology, and effective strategies for engaging people into our  voluntary solutions. This helps us build community around conservation and  deliver multi-benefit results. You’ll find examples of these solutions — and  the results we’ve been able to celebrate with participating landowners and  partners — in these community success stories.

Benton Conservation District: Conserving Water in the Columbia Basin

Many farmers want to conserve water, but it can be difficult, risky, and expensive. That's where conservation districts come in. They assist people, like Nestor Garcia from Blue Gem Farms, with making changes that work on-farm and benefit water quality and quantity.

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Clark Conservation District: Empowering urban/small acreage farms

Hosts from Washington Grown visit April Joy Farm to learn how Clark Conservation District provides services that help conserve natural resources and keep the farm viable amid rapid development pressure.

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Spokane Conservation District: Vets on the Farm

Learn about Spokane Conservation District's solution to help fill the largest gap in American history of agriculture — Operation New Mission: Vets on the Farm. A new generation of soldiers are separating from their military life and looking for work in something fulfilling. Many face an overwhelming transition from military life to civilian life, especially those with war and conflict-related injuries. Vets on the Farm gives veterans access to farming, ranching, and other agricultural-based employment.

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Clallam Conservation District: Re-opening shellfish beds in Dungeness Bay

Between 2000-03, over 1,700 acres of shellfish harvest area in Dungeness Bay were downgraded due to bacterial pollution.Commercial shellfish production became almost nonexistent. Today, thanks to a voluntary and community-driven effort to identify and correct sources of water pollution, the Bay has seen improvements and re-openings of shellfish harvest areas.

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North Yakima Conservation District: Ahtanum Creek and viable farmland

North Yakima Conservation District works with landowners and ranchers to formulate effective, voluntary solutions to help stabilize Ahtanum Creek, as well as keep farmland viable.

From Washington Grown Season 4 Episode 13

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Whatcom Conservation District: Win-win solutions for dairies and water quality

Learn how conservation districts and dairies work together to find innovative solutions that take care of natural resources, take care of animals, and keep Washington dairies viable so we have access to local dairy products in our stores. Features Whatcom Conservation District and Twin Brook Creamery. Aired during Season 7/Ep. 8 of Washington Grown.

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