Interested in voting in your local conservation district election?

Conservation districts conduct local elections outside the general elections process to fill volunteer positions on their boards. All CD elections occur during the first quarter of the calendar year (January-March). Contact your local conservation district to learn their next election date and process.

Learn more about Conservation District Election and Operations Accountability.

Register to vote

To vote in conservation district elections, you must be a registered voter in the county where the district is located and reside within the conservation district boundary.

If you have not already registered to vote, please do so. One way to get started is at the Washington State Secretary of State's My Vote web page.  

Contact your local conservation district to verify that you live within their service boundary.

Voting at a CD polling location

  • No voter may seek to influence any other voters within 300 feet of the ballot boxes. Voters may observe an election but may not interfere with other voters or polling officers.
  • A voter must sign in on a poll list and provide sufficient information for a polling officer to determine the individual’s eligibility to vote.
  • Before receiving a ballot, the identity of a voter must be verified by a polling officer. Acceptable forms of voter identification including: a valid Washington State driver’s license or valid Washington State identification card; Any other identification allowed for registering to vote by the Auditor of the County where the conservation district is located.
  • A voter who cannot be confirmed at the polling place as eligible to vote may vote, but only on a contested ballot issued by a polling officer.

Voters with disabilities or accessibility concerns

You can request a reasonable accommodation or assistance to vote. The Conservation Commission and conservation districts are committed to ensuring accessibility at polling locations and that you have the opportunity to vote privately and independently.

Polling locations must meet all of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. View the ADA checklist for polling locations for more information.

To request a reasonable accommodation or assistance, please contact your conservation district. If you are concerned about the accessibility of a polling location, contact your conservation district or the Conservation Commission's election officer at 360-407-6200.