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Historically, conservation districts have been an important local provider of forest health and community wildfire resiliency information to landowners/homeowners, forest stewardship planning and fire risk assessment services, and incentives to implement recommended practices that improve forest stand conditions and reduce forest fuels.

Community Resiliency

Community wildfire resiliency support activities and actions such as the Firewise USA© program, Fire Adapted Communities resources, Wildfire Ready Neighbors, and Ready Set Go, are important for landowners and communities to be aware of to increase the wildfire resiliency of their private property and communities.


Climate change and drought-associated increases in the frequency and severity of wildfires in Washington state, historical forest management practices, and increasing populations in rural and suburban areas make it vitally important that private landowners steward forest land for improved health and resilience and be prepared for wildfire.

Improving forest health for climate and wildfire resiliency is critical at the same time as rural populations are growing and forest parcels are becoming smaller and more numerous.


Firewise USA:

WA Fire Adapted Communities (WAFAC):

WA Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW):

Boise State University:

Additional resources:

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