WA Shrubsteppe Restoration and Resiliency Initiative (WSRRI)

What is the Washington Shrubsteppe Restoration and Resiliency Initiative (WSRRI)?

The Washington Shrubsteppe Restoration and Resiliency Initiative (WSRRI) was established in 2021 to restore and protect shrubsteppe in the Columbia Plateau of Eastern Washington amid the threat of wildland fires. The WSRRI program utilizes operating funds for fire recovery and shrubsteppe restoration, as well as capital funding for wildlife-friendly fencing in prioritized areas.

A steering committee made up of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and the Washington State Conservation Commission (SCC) makes decisions on how to utilize this funding to benefit wildlife by restoring shrubsteppe habitat and supporting working lands in the Columbia Plateau. Shana Joy represents SCC on the steering committee, and Allisa Carlson serves as the alternate.

To learn more about WSRRI, visit WDFW’s Shrubsteppe Fire Preparedness, Response, and Restoration webpage.

WSRRI Webpage


  • Wildlife-Friendly Fencing Projects: WSRRI is pleased to announce an open solicitation for wildlife-friendly fencing (WFF) projects throughout the shrubsteppe habitat of the Columbia Plateau. WSRRI was formed in 2021, when the Washington State Legislature directed the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to collaborate with the State Conservation Commission (SCC) and Department of Natural Resources to restore shrubsteppe wildlife and habitats. Learn more here.
  • Deferred Grazing: Deferred Grazing programs will be implemented dependent on the needs that arise each wildland fire season, as determined by the steering committee. Deferred grazing funds come from WDFW under a contract with SCC.
  • Wildlife Habitat Restoration: More information to come.
  • For more information, please contact South Central Regional Manager, Allisa Carlson | 360-480-6686


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