Conservation Success Stories

The Conservation Commission and conservation districts integrate  science, technology, and effective strategies for engaging people into our  voluntary solutions. This helps us build community around conservation and  deliver multi-benefit results. You’ll find examples of these solutions—and  the results we’ve been able to celebrate with participating landowners and  partners—in these community success stories.

Natural Resource Investments (NRI)

Chimacum Creek Flow Enhancement Project

Natural Resource Investments (NRI)

Jefferson County Conservation District used NRI funding to help 15 landowners restore salmon habitat in Chimacum Creek through removal of reed canary grass. The overgrowth of grass choked stream flow and contributed to flooding, pollution, and low oxygen levels. The flooding was impacting valuable farmland. The contaminated runoff was impacting shellfish growing areas, and the low dissolved oxygen was adversely impacting salmon.

In total, 15 separate landowners participated in the grass removal project, which greatly improved streamflow and reduced flooding.

This project also:

  • Replaced a failing culvert on Naylor Creek, a tributary of Chimacun Creek, with Family Forest Fish Passage Program funiding
  • Completed a comprehensive review of water quality and fish habitat for the Discovery Bay watershed.
  • Installed gutters on a barn to reduce contaminated runoff. Collected water with a stored sister.

Project Priorities moving forward: 

  • Continue working with Chimacum watershed landowners and partner organizations to address flooding, ongoing maintenance needs, and habitat enhancement opportunities.
  • Partner with local and state agencies and organizations to develop and implement a program to improve forest health and address increasing wildfire threats
  • Improve online presence and outreach efforts.

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