Grant Programs

Our Grant Programs are designed to voluntarily engage people with actions that keep our natural resources and working lands healthy for all. Delivered at the local level by conservation districts, these programs connect people with helpful expertise and financial support for constructing projects and adjusting land management practices to best care for Washington’s resources.

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)

CREP is a joint federal and state funded program that restores streamside habitat for salmon and protects that habitat for 10-15 years.

Natural Resource Investments

Conservation districts use Natural Resource Investments to offer local, incentive-based programs that empower landowners to voluntarily install best management practices.

Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP)

VSP uses a watershed-based, incentive-based process to protect critical areas, promote viable agriculture, and encourage cooperation among diverse stakeholders to address our state’s Growth Management Act.

Disaster Assistance Program

Do you own/rent a farm or ranch in Whatcom County that was impacted by flooding in November 2021? Limited state funding is available to reimburse up to 75% of eligible damages or losses.

Salmon Recovery Funding

The Salmon Recovery Funding Program is a new program in 2022, funded by the Legislature, that encourages incentive programs focusing on landowner projects for the restoration of salmon habitat.

Irrigation Efficiencies Program (IEGP)

IEGP restores instream flows in rivers and streams determined to not have enough water for fish populations and other competing needs.

Shellfish Program

The Shellfish Program uses a targeted approach to invest in projects voluntarily installed by conservation districts and landowners that build cumulative results for shellfish recovery.