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Governor releases proposed supplemental budget

Governor releases proposed supplemental budget

The Governor released his proposed supplemental 2024 operating and capital budgets today.

The budget proposal released today, Dec. 13, adds monies to both basic government services (operating budget) and state and school construction projects as well as grants and loans for local governments (capital budget). The supplemental budget provides moderate increases and occurs half-way through the 2023-2025 fiscal biennium.

The Governor’s budget contains good news for conservation districts as it adds additional funding for conservation technical assistance programs, the Regional Conservation Partnership Program or RCPP, and additional staffing for the SCC.

Download the summary of these proposed allocations and our requests here.

The Governor’s actions mark the beginning of budget negotiations between his office and legislature which will continue during the session convening on January 8 and concluding on March 7. It is unlikely that we will see detailed information from legislative chambers until well after the revenue forecast is released around the third week in February.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to SCC's Executive Director James Thompson, SCC's Director of Accounting and Budget Sarah Groth or your regional manager.