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Riparian Grant Program: Review and Comment on Guidelines

Riparian Grant Program: Review and Comment on Guidelines

How to Comment on Programmatic Guidelines and Draft Application and Reporting Questions

The comment period has closed.

Thank you for all those that submitted feedback. Your input helps inform our policies. This will allow SCC to ensure the proposed program will be a success.

All comments are now being reviewed and will be considered as guidelines are finalized. There will be a special Commission meeting in February to take action.

For additional feedback or questions, please reach out to:

Shana Joy, District Operations Director / Southeast Regional Manager,, 360-480-2078

Program Summary

In the 2023 legislative session, revenues collected as a result of the Climate Commitment Act were appropriated to the State Conservation Commission (SCC). The full proviso language may be referenced here for further details.

The funds came with proviso language specifying how the funds were to be used:

(1) The appropriations in this section are provided solely for the state conservation commission to provide grants for riparian restoration projects with landowners.

(2)(a) Within funds appropriated in this section, the commission shall develop and implement the voluntary riparian grant program to fund protection and restoration of critical riparian management zones. The commission is responsible for developing the voluntary grant program criteria to achieve optimal restoration of functioning riparian ecosystems in priority critical riparian management zones.

Learn more about the development of the Riparian Grant Program here.