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Statement from the Washington conservation commissioners to the conservation community

Statement from the Washington conservation commissioners to the conservation community

Last week the Washington State Conservation Commission dismissed our executive director and will seek new leadership for the agency. We considered issues raised by staff, conservation districts, and stakeholders in making our final decision. The commission took these actions carefully, deliberately, and earnestly.

We heard you.

We are grateful for the open communication and feedback conservation community members provided to us. The commission is dedicated to improving its relationship with conservation districts and will strive to create a positive, transparent, and supportive environment for all. We will continue to hold conservation leaders to the highest standards.

We ask for your patience.

We ask for your patience as we work to make this a smooth transition. The commission will examine its hiring process and review the qualities and skills needed in the next executive director. We ask you to help us identify areas where we can strengthen these practices and increase conservation district and partner inclusion.

We invite you to look toward the future with us.

The commission is committed to rebuilding trust with our staff, conservation districts, and stakeholders. This will require ongoing effort and communication. We welcome your feedback on how we can continue to improve. We appreciate your dedication to this work and are committed to acting in the best interest of all communities across Washington.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact any of the 10 commissioners. We recognize that transitions can be stressful for all involved and hope you will continue to work closely with us.