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SCC Hiring for Education and Outreach Manager

SCC Hiring for Education and Outreach Manager

Join SCC's Communications Team!

SCC is seeking an Outreach & Engagement Manager to join our communications team! The person who fills this role will have the exciting and vital job of educating Washingtonians about how the management of streamside land (also known as riparian habitat) impacts salmon recovery efforts. Visit the job listing to learn more and apply.

Education and Outreach Manager - Position Details

The Washington State Conservation Commission (SCC) is a non-regulatory state agency that supports and coordinates our state's 45 conservation districts. Together, SCC and conservation districts provide incentive-based services that empower people across Washington to take actions that keep natural resources and working lands healthy for all.

SCC is seeking an Education and Outreach Manager who will devise and execute a comprehensive statewide educational and outreach marketing campaign that promotes voluntary conservation within local communities, with a strong emphasis on riparian buffers and their significance for Washington's salmon populations. Tasked with managing the allocation of 2 million dollars from the 2023 Legislative session, you will be responsible for all facets of this endeavor, from meticulous research and budget oversight to cultivating strategic partnerships and crafting compelling reports.

In this position, you will harness your strategic acumen to engage diverse audiences and encourage their participation in conservation efforts. You will lead public relations efforts, serving as the face of this impactful initiative and ensuring that information reaches the media in an accessible manner. Your role will encompass orchestrating various communication materials, from traditional media ads to digital content and special reports, all while collaborating with stakeholders like Tribes, contractors, and conservation districts. In this role, you will champion conservation, bridge communities, and safeguard Washington's natural heritage.

This recruitment is open until filled. The hiring authority reserves the right and may exercise the option to make a hiring decision at any time. Therefore, we encourage you to submit your application materials as soon as possible.