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It's biennial report time!

It's biennial report time!

Submitting an on-time report of accomplishments is one of the mandatory Conservation  Accountability Performance Program (CAPP) standards for CDs. 

Please mark your  calendars - report content is due September 8, 2023. 

What do I need to do?

  1. Use this electronic form stack form to submit content for your CD's biennial report page.
  2. Use this electronic Smartsheet form to submit your photos.

What else do I need to know? 

Feel free to review and fill out any of the following documents to help you with your report submissions. 

  1. Review the Biennial Report Instructions and FAQs.    
  2. Review the Five Best Practices for CD Biennial Report Pages.
  3. You can find example CD pages for this year's report (one with two horizontal pictures and one with a single vertical picture).
  4. Start to fill out this Word template where you can start to write out your accomplishments and edit them to the correct word counts. 

To learn more about the process, tips, and changes to the report this year, please watch the Webinar on CD Report Pages - Tips and Q&A that happened on Aug. 1. Download the slides here.

Why is it a "biennial" report? Haven't we typically done annual reports?

Up until fiscal year'20, SCC assembled annual reports that included one full page of accomplishments for each of the 45 conservation districts. Moving forward, SCC will alternate the format of our report every other year:

  • Odd-numbered years: SCC will develop a detailed report that rolls up accomplishments achieved through state-funded programs (e.g., Natural Resource Investments, Irrigation Efficiencies) and includes one page for each CD to feature accomplishments from the previous biennium. You can see 19-21 biennial report we did here. 
  • Even-numbered years: At the mid-biennium point, SCC will develop a more concise and thematic report of highlights from the past fiscal year, similar to the report we published for fiscal year '20.

More questions?

Contact the communications team at or call Paige DeChambeau at 360-742-9488.