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2022 District of the Year Awards

2022 District of the Year Awards

The Washington State Conservation Commission (SCC) is excited to announce the recipients of the 2022 District of the Year Awards!

There are 45 conservation districts (CDs) in Washington state, spread across six regions (Northwest, North Central, Northeast, Southwest, South Central, and Southeast). Each year, SCC presents a Conservation District of the Year award to six conservation districts, one per region. 

"Conservation district team members work with and for their local communities to ensure that natural resources and farmland are healthy now and for future generations," said Chris Pettit, SCC executive director. "These awards recognize CDs that have distinguished themselves through their dedication, hard work, and achievements. We are honored to be able to highlight their incredible efforts and share their accomplishments with the people of Washington state."

Without further ado, the recipients of the 2022 Conservation District of the Year award are:

San Juan Islands Conservation District (Northwest Region)
The mission-driven team of talented individuals at San Juan Islands CD helps landowners improve their stewardship, engages young people in conservation, and excels in service to their community. Recent accomplishments include decreasing the islands' significant wildfire risk through a cost-share program involving 20+ properties and launching a successful Conservation Corps program in partnership with Western Washington University. Thank you, San Juan Islands CD, for your incredible work!

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Foster Creek Conservation District (North Central Region)
In 2022, Foster Creek CD contributed countless hours to the Washington Shrubsteppe Restoration and Resiliency Initiative (WSRRI). This vital program restores and protects shrubsteppe habitat for wildlife in the aftermath of wildfires. Foster Creek CD's guidance during the initial program solicitation process and ongoing involvement with the program have proved invaluable. We are grateful for your hard work, Foster Creek CD!

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Pend Oreille Conservation District (Northeast Region)
Pend Oreille CD's continuous efforts have allowed more conservation work to happen on the ground. Among their notable projects are the Voluntary Stewardship Program, streambank stabilization projects, air monitoring, and aquatic weed control. The district is a valued partner locally and statewide. We appreciate your contributions, Pend Oreille CD!

Clark Conservation District (Southwest Region)
In recent years Clark CD has forged strong partnerships within its community through outreach and education initiatives. Now, Clark CD is leveraging these relationships for a five-year Regional Conservation Partnership Program, which will support water quality within its district boundaries. Clark CD's consistent dedication to efficiency and transparency sets a strong example for its peers. Thank you for your dedication, Clark CD!

Underwood Conservation District (South Central Region)

Underwood CD excels at recognizing needs within its community, identifying ways to meet them, and springing into action. A fantastic example is Underwood CD's new Farm Tool Library program. Local farmers now have a resource to turn to for conservation-oriented farming equipment, including a no-till drill recently purchased with a generous donation from a community member. Underwood has also added a wide variety of resources in Spanish to increase accessibility within its community. Thank you for going above and beyond, Underwood CD!

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Pine Creek Conservation District (Southeast Region)
Over the last year and a half, Pine Creek CD (PCCD) has evolved from a small district with limited activity to a thriving, community-centric one. Under new manager Casey Lowder's guidance, the team at PCCD has developed and sought out funding for several new conservation projects. PCCD also actively collaborates with neighboring CDs to optimize their use of limited staff capacity and resources. We are grateful for everything you give to your community, PCCD!