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Legislative materials available: CD/SCC budget requests and election proposal

Legislative materials available: CD/SCC budget requests and election proposal
Olympia Capitol Building

In preparation for the 2022 Washington State Legislative Session (scheduled January 10-March 10,2022), the SCC created informational materials that are available for CDs to use.

Supplemental budget materials

As reported during CD area meetings, the SCC submitted three supplemental state budget requests in September 2021. State agencies may submit supplemental budget requests partway through the biennium for urgent funding needs/revisions. The state Office of Financial Management provides criteria for what qualifies as “urgent,” which includes emergent capital needs and top priority work that aligns with the Governor’s goals.

We encourage conservation districts to review and use the following materials about the three supplemental budget requests we submitted. Each one provides key messaging about the urgency of these requests, anticipated outcomes, and benefits to Washington State:

CD election reform proposal

The SCC and WACD are beginning conversations with legislators about proposed CD election reforms. These reforms were initially recommended by the SCC/WACD Joint Committee on Elections and later supported by majority votes from the SCC Board of Commissioners and WACD members.

We invite conservation districts to review and use this piece on the CD Election Reform Proposal. It provides a brief background on CD elections, the reforms we’re proposing, and why/how the proposal will benefit CDs and the communities and natural resources they serve.

You’ll hear more from us soon!

During Legislative Session, members of our SCC policy and finance teams will provide regular updates to conservation districts regarding legislative/budget issues. Please keep an eye out for those messages.  


For questions/comments about SCC budget requests, please contact our Policy Team:

For questions/comments about communication materials, please contact: