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Coordinated Resource Management (CRM) Updated inventory list RFA

Coordinated Resource Management (CRM) Updated inventory list RFA

Coordinated Resource Management (CRM) is an approach to natural resource management that brings people together at the local level to discuss a specific resource concern and, through consensus and collaboration, work through challenging issues by ensuring that every voice is heard and acknowledged. Through skilled facilitation, a CRM group focuses on achievable goals and outcomes.

The Washington State Coordinated Resource Management (CRM) Task Group is looking for a Conservation District that is interested in and has the capacity between late April/early May and June 30, 2024, to update a 2013 inventory list of current, past, and potential new CRMs in Washington. This project involves some detective work to find past CRM members and requires communication skills with which to glean information about past CRMs. CRMs on this list include “traditional” CRMs, Coordinated Weed Management Areas (CWMAs), and locally-led CRM-like collaborations.

The person or persons working on this project will have access to the 2013 inventory list and will be tasked with:

  • Reviewing, simplifying, and updating the latest version of the CRM inventory list, and modifying the status key.
  • Reaching out to other conservation districts, since CDs have been integral to most if not all CRMs in the state,  to determine whether and where additional CRMs exist that are not on the list, and whether there is interest in forming new CRMs to address local natural resource concerns;
  • Engaging with past and current CRM members to learn what contributing factors caused past CRMs to end (e.g., resolution of natural resource concern, insufficient support – funding or otherwise, lack of local interest, lack of facilitator, etc.) and what contributing factors allow current CRMs to remain active.
  • Writing a summary report of findings

This project will entail a combination of online research and interviews with past and current CRM members.  We anticipate this work taking between 80 – 130 hours, depending on how reachable former CRM members are.  Please provide us your best estimate of costs to conduct this work – estimates should not exceed $10,000.

Deliverables will consist of an updated version of the 2013 Excel spreadsheet of CRMs and a concise report of work performed including summary of findings.  

Selection criteria for this RFA will be:

  • Is  the applicant familiar with or have experience with CRMs? [40 points]
  • Does the application include a budget and timeline? [30 points]
  • Ability to spend, and have all deliverables completed or in hand, by June 30, 2024. [30 points]

Apply here today!

Please note that this opportunity is only open to conservation districts. If you have any questions please reach out to Karla Heinitz at The first pull of applications will be May 3, 2024 and the second, if needed, will be May 10, 2024.