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New member joins the Washington State Conservation Commission

New member joins the Washington State Conservation Commission

Brook Beeler, Eastern Region Director for the state Department of Ecology, will join the Washington State Conservation Commission (SCC) as an appointed member on April 1, 2023.

Commissioner Beeler will represent the Department of Ecology on the Commission, replacing former Commissioner David Giglio, whose term concluded at the end of March.

“Brook will be an excellent addition to SCC,” says David Giglio. “She is great at building partnerships and her familiarity with agriculture is sure to be an asset.”

Giglio noted that during his time on the Commission, “I appreciated the constructive partnerships, shared commitment to conservation, and practical problem-solving. I was very impressed with SCC staff and the important and innovative work each local conservation district does,” he said.

Commissioner Beeler grew up in a small farming community southeast of Spokane, where she developed a deep connection to the land and environment. This connection led her to study biology at Whitworth University and drew her to a career in environmental conservation.

Throughout Beeler's career, her work has centered around building collaborative partnerships to achieve environmental goals. Her approach centers around community outreach, strategic communications, and facilitating conversations about shared values. Commissioner Beeler has been with the state Department of Ecology since 2005 and has served as the agency's Eastern Region Director since 2019.

“I'm thrilled to be joining the Commission as Ecology's representative,” Commissioner Beeler said. “I have great respect for the role that SCC and local districts play in achieving conservation on the ground.”

The flexibility SCC’s programs offer “is often the defining factor in making projects a reality,” she said. “Through our strong partnership we continue to provide the forestry and agriculture community durable water supply, clean water and healthy natural resources and farmland.”

SCC looks forward to the progress that will come with Commissioner Beeler onboard.