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Sustainable Farms and Fields (SFF): Funding updates

Sustainable Farms and Fields (SFF): Funding updates

Funding open on Feb. 5. Applications due by March 20 to be considered in first round of review.

Funding is now open. This round of SFF funding is focused on livestock and manure management projects only. All other types of projects should be held for the next round of applications in July 2024. Link for Request for Applications – Climate-Smart Livestock Management.

SCC announces a slight change of timing for Sustainable Farms and Fields (SFF) application window to allow our agency additional time to prepare for launching an application based on Climate Commitment Act (CCA) funds.

To be considered in the first round of review, applications need to be submitted by March 20 at 5:00 p.m. If all of the $3 million for SFF funding available for this funding round is not allocated, additional pulls will occur until all funds are allocated.

Reporting requirements will be slightly different than previous SFF funding rounds since these will use Climate Commitment Act funds allocated for SFF. Projects need to finish by the end of the biennium (June 30, 2025).

To see what projects were funded in past rounds:

Learn more about eligibility and program details on the SFF webpage.